Brand & Campaign Implementation


In my position as a Freelance Production Designer, I often picked up projects that an Art Director had already created. In this case, it was my responsibility to make additional collateral, final edits, and release artwork to the correct specifications. And then other times, I have been the lead designer. The projects below are a few of the projects that I handled from concept to completion.


Specialty Pharmacy Bi-Fold Brochure

The current brand takes a friendly and easy to understand approach to explain healthcare. The imagery uses soft colors and line art. I utilized imagery from our library and the current brand fonts and colors to design this brochure.



Clinical Flyers

The ask for this project was to take a tri-fold brochure and redesign the existing content into a 2-page flyer. Again, the imagery was from our library, but I made minor tweaks to ensure continuity without repetition. 


2020 Medicare Advantage Brochures

The purpose of this piece was to educate our members about our Medicare Advantage Plan. The content is written in a simple language (not medical jibberish) as not to confuse, but help clarify the information. The layout is light and airy. The target audience is mid-50's (and up), so I softened the profile of the woman and gave her a mature hairstyle. 


Flu Shot Hospital Posters 

These posters were created to encourage the Allegheny Health Network hospital staff to get their flu shots. This was before the brand transitioned into the line art and airy layouts. I used stock imagery that would resonate with the staff, the brand colors/fonts, as well as an icon as icons were widely used with the brand styles at the time.


Hand Hygiene Hospital Posters

These posters were created to encourage the Allegheny Health Network hospital staff, patients, and visitors to wash their hands. Brand colors and fonts were used, as well as stock imagery that would encourage a personal connection with the audience.


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