Custom Orders

Interested in a custom project?

Send me an email with your idea and I'll get back to you within 48 hours to discuss pricing and timing.

My products are handmade from raw lumber and reclaimed wood when available. Each piece is truly unique! You can expect imperfections such as knots, nail holes, nail heads, small gaps, and rough edges, which we believe add to the character of each piece. 



Pricing for Hand-lettered Signs 

The sizes below are an approximate width. The height will vary depending on the available materials and the design/length of the wording. 

Tax is included. Standard shipping fees will apply at checkout. If you're local to Pittsburgh, we can schedule a local pickup. If you do not pick up your product within 10 days of completion, it will be shipped and you will be billed for the standard shipping costs. 

Small $30 (Both Rectangle & Round ≈ 10 inches)

Medium $45 (Rectangle ≈ 20 inches / Round ≈ 17 inches)

Large $60 (Rectangle ≈ 40 inches / Round ≈ 24 inches)


Stain & Color Options

  • black matte/chalkboard
  • dark stain
  • whitewash
  • a custom stain/paint of your choice


Now Offering Watercolor Prints! 

Add some color to your favorite hand-lettered phrase. 

$30 for an 8x10 (Original Artwork) 



Past Projects

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