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I fell into hand-lettering as a way to be creative (outside of client demands) and to unwind after a long day. There are many teachers and styles of hand-lettering. You can learn from books, workshops, or by searching on Pinterest to find free tutorials, which is where I started. Below are my favorite online resources that I always recommend to newbie letterers:


The Happy Ever Crafter

Becca breaks down Modern Calligraphy into simple strokes. When using a brush marker, you need to gain muscle memory to control the pressure of the tip to get smooth transitions from thick to thin. Becca’s Show Me Your Drills series is MUST for anyone just learning or struggling with brush lettering. 


Dawn Nicole Designs

Dawn Nicole’s blog is a treasure chest of resources. She has a ton of FREE worksheets, YouTube Tutorials, and hand-letterings tips and tricks. Her blog is MUST for anyone exploring different styles of brush lettering. 


The Postman’s Knock

Lindsey’s style using a dip pen (nib and ink) is very classic. She has a ton of free tutorials and worksheets on her blog. In addition to teaching lettering styles, she also has great project ideas from DYI envelopes to 3D greeting cards. Her email list is MUST for anyone looking to learn a classic calligraphy style.


Mye De Leon

Mye breaks down the structure of block lettering and encourages you to create your own/individual style. Check out Mye's Styling the Alphabet instagram account for a daily challenge and inspiration. Her blog and book are a MUST for anyone looking to sharpen and expand their lettering style. 


Stefan Kunz 

Stefan is my go-to for lettering composition. When you’re working with a phrase (multiple words), it can be tricky and time consuming to figure out how to set up the words into a cohesive layout. Stefan offers preset grids to help with your concepting stage. His Instagram is a MUST for any lettering lover.  


I’m always learning and always growing. If you have an online lettering resource that you’d like to share, please comment below or email me at beth@bastudiodesign.com.



Beth Anne


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