Let's Get Cozy: Tips to be alone together



Hello, friends-


I hope this note finds you healthy and staying connected during this unusual time of social distancing


My husband and I are trying our best to set some sense of normalcy for our two boys (ages 6 and 9). We're limiting tv time and encouraging constructive play like board games and puzzles. We're getting a bunch of fresh air as spring-like weather moves into the Pittsburgh area. We're keeping to our usual bedtime schedule, although it is very tempting to stay up late and binge all the movies on Disney+. Thank God for streaming services! Can I get an Amen?! 



In the quiet moments that I can steal away from the kiddos, I have been brainstorming ideas about how to serve you during this uncertain time. The mission of my shop and blog is to spread joy from my heart to yours. I know you may be feeling isolated now, but please remember we're all in this together. Below are a few tips to make your home a bit more cozy during this time of social distancing. 



Let's get cozy together. 

  1. Create a welcoming aroma: Light a candle, diffuse essential oils, bake or make your favorite slow cooker recipe.
  2. Welcome in the sunshine and fresh air: Open those windows. Let the fresh spring air into your home. Is it still a little chilly in your area? Bundle up and take a walk.
  3. Surround yourself with visuals that make you happy: Hang up pictures of loved ones and quotes or signs that spark joy in your heart. Dust off your vase and fill it with fresh cut flowers from your garden.
  4. Tidy up: Make your bed every day. Organize all the clutter. I genuinely believe that cluttered surroundings make for a cluttered mind. When I work from home, I have to make all the beds and clean up the kitchen before I can even get settled into the workday. 
  5. Play music: We have music playing almost all day at our house. I need instrumental tunes to help stay focused when I'm working, John jams to top country hits and classic rock when he's working in the yard or around the house. And my boys love pop music. 
  6. Have a positive attitude: Personally, this one has been a challenge for me lately. I've been feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty that we're facing. But, I'm keeping a smile on my face for my kids. I heard something yesterday that resonated in my heart: "The word that you use in your mind to describe any situation will alter the way you feel about the situation." The word I'm now using is "grateful" ... I am grateful for this time that we have to spend as a family unit. I'm grateful for the laughs and memories we are making. I am grateful that we are healthy and pray for the world to recover from this quickly. 


I love you all very much and hope that you are coping well and staying safe.





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